Acid etched glass finish

Acid etched glass, also known as French Embossing, offers greater versatility than sandblasting because it creates a wider variety of specialised finishes and increased degrees of transparency. It also produces a more refined frosted/obscured pattern in the glass with a distinctive satin-like appearance.

Acid etching is often used to recreate traditional pub windows and can be used on listed buildings, banks, building societies and leading high street retailers who choose to enhance their corporate identity with etched glass.

The technique is no longer widely practiced, due to the time it takes and the added expense, but we still produce high quality acid etched glass at Yorkshire Decorative Glass. The results are permanent and will not be damaged by cleaning.

Our expert craftsmen can combine an acid etched finish with other effects, including painted and sandblasted. Contact us for details.


Gilding is a traditional technique related to acid etching, which involves the application of loose leaf gold to the back/underside of the glass to form an elegant effect. By working on the back of the glass the gold is protected and the patterned glass can be cleaned safely to maintain a pristine appearance.

Other glass finishes we offer:

Examples of our acid etched glass work...

Acid Etched Glass Finish

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